Experience the best Helping concept Ever with Bitcoin, USD and other local currency.


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Ency.com ( aidake Peegel limited (OÜ) ) is World’s first Corporate Help exchange space. We offer our customers a full suite of Corporate networking concepts consisting of helping Plans, Crypto Tradings, Retail Plans and few more in an inexpensive and convenient way.

Ency operates as a marketplace for Help exchange. We partner with Individual leaders ,Corporate Organisations and Networking communities to fulfill the requirements of our customers in more than 30 Countries . Our website and user panels sits through a great user friendly and secure approach in real-time and provides customers with the best helping concept experience ever.

We strive to become better with each passing day and in that quest, we keep adding new Packages, referral offers, quick and easy rewards. We believe that rotation of help will bring in a passive groth and will never pull down.


The Ency Helping Concept

A Smart and easy to understand concept for Beginners and Expertise.

Easy and Efficient way to grow your income X2 on helping in 25 days.

What is a Helping Plan ?
Helping Plans are the most successful and reliable ones. You can simply start with helping a base package to random person assigned by the software who has requested to receive help. A portfolio code of your every given help will be created with a validity of 25 Days. This is also called as maturity time. Read More
What is Crypto?
How it works

How it works ?

There are 3 Modes of this plan.

  • Get limited Free Ency accounts and make easy registration with or without sponsor id.
  • Start with committing (Give help option) and wait for the System to search for receivers in network
  • Once you see the receivers are found. Transfer the package value funds to account details (BTC/Banking) of the receiver mentioned.
  • This Completes your Give help function.
  • Your Portfolio ( Give help ) has a time (25 Days ) to mature - This means you can request for receiving help ( Get help ) only after the maturity
  • Once your Maturity term is completed, you portfolio will be open for requesting Get help
  • After Requesting Get help - The System will now assign you two or more Providers who will collectively send you funds exactly the double of you helped in respective portfolio.
  • Please don't forget confirm ( Approve / Reject ) their transfer request. Providers will be waiting for acknowledgement after sending funds.
  • You Portfolio will expire once you receive and confirm all the funds.

Why us?

Ency is for a Long Long Run.

We are a trusted platform with a great track record of successful projects and huge network inline. We believe that the business should be done into pieces , some for passion , some for money and some for creating your own customer base.

Hope these features meets you well

We are registered & Trusted business organisation


Well designed software and team setup at service

100 % Transaction ratio

The Goodwill and Software organizes successful helpings.

Referral Rewards

Referral plans estimated to range from 30-80% in

Upgrading Ideas

R&D team is on track to update new user oriented ideas.

24*7 Support

Chat, Ticketing and Other support channels available 24*7 .


Get set to experience amazing time on board.
Helping will again bring a new boom to networking industry


Have questions? We’re happy to help.

  • info@Ency.com